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On things like engineering, programming, systems, mathematics, philosophy.

Go Notes

This is an introduction to the Go programming language.

Passwords can be a sensitive, confusing topic. They’re like opinions – everyone’s got one, and specifically opinions on how passwords should be managed. Here I try to outline the reasoning around how I think about passwords, and how to easily avoid bad habits.

Terraform Notes

Terraform code is a collection of configuration files that define infrastructure resources on remote providers, like cloud platforms or local hypervisors.

Docker Notes

The following are notes on how Docker works and is administrated. Docker provides the following improvements to applications and their life-cycles:

Comparing languages just on the basis of their aesthetics and simple performance aspects is a fun pastime. Erlang, Python, and C can form an interesting triad when you try to focus them around the same general problems.

Vagrant is a tool that allows an individual developer to easily work within a standardized environment that is built specifically for their application or platform. Base boxes are a useful feature of Vagrant that introduce extensibility into a Vagrant build process and I want to talk about the motivations and nuances behind using them, especially for the lone developer.